full name Elizabeth Jane Forrester birthday & age September 1st, 1986 & 28 birthplace Boston, MA current residence Allston, MA occupation R&D at Bergmen Industries

Born on September 1st, 1986 to Stanley and Jane Forrester, little "Janey" knew a charmed if only slightly lonely childhood. The only daughter of an admired politican and a local real estate guru, she was granted all of the luxuries afforded to the daughter of an affluent and respected couple. She was enrolled in the best private preperatory academy and involved herself in a number of extracurricular activies including student government, forensics teams and 4H clubs. A curious and quirky child, she was more content with the study of how things worked rather than boys and fashion. It was far more likely that she could be found dissembling clocks and computers than practicing the proper application of mascara. And although her parents were overjoyed by the good fortune of having a child so well rounded and mature, Jane felt the disconnect between herself and children her own age early on. She was an "old soul", identifying more with her teachers than her classmates. From an early age, she expressed a desire to help others, an unusual trait in someone so young but little surprise considering the charitable ventures of her parents. Her father was a firm believer in helping those less fortunate than they and he instilled in Jane that same sense of generosity. With her inclination towards science and medicine, it came as no surprise to her parents when she expressed her desire to be a doctor.

Jane was a model student. Upon graduating high school and continuing on to complete four years at Riverville University, she enrolled and was accepted into a graduate program at Yale University. Her parents were more than agreeable with her decision to study pre-med and with their full support she settled into New Haven for the following four years. She was admired by her professors and peers for her work ethic, genuine interest in her studies and her unique, often self-depricating sense of humor. She discovered a great deal about herself in those years away from home. What she lacked in social skills, she made up for in her intelligence and quick wit. She developed a biting, sarcastic sense of humor that was often described as oddly endearing. She also discovered that she was terrible with men. While she knew no shortage of eligible young suitors, she was unaware of her attractiveness and so often their advances were lost on her. It was not until her first summer home from school that she began dating, more at the insistence of her mother than anything else. The blind dates were insufferable but she humored her parents. While she was briefly attached to a few men throughout the course of her college career, none of them were too serious. At least not to Jane.

At last able to call herself a Yale graduate, Jane found herself faced with a serious decision. While she had the opportunity to move on to any number of hospitals in the country, she felt a strange and undeniable pull to return home. Riverville Hospital extended a job offer as an emergency room nurse that Jane simply could not refuse. She packed up her modest New Haven apartment and returned to her roots, living with her parents for several months until she found her own place. She settled into a comfortable albeit monotanous routine.

Currently, Jane works for the R&D department at Bergmen Industries. She has recently began to experience a series of memories belonging to what she refers to as her "second self" and is working tirelessly to decipher their meaning and origins.


• Jane Foster and Jane Forrester share the same initials
• Jane Forrester is a registered nurse. Jane Foster is a doctor in the CV

Jane Foster is an astrophysicist who met Thor when he was exiled to Earth by his father. The two had an intense attraction in the short time they were together and through Jane, Thor learned the value of humility and the heroic nature of humanity. Thor and Jane's time together was cut short when The Destroyer arrived to kill him. Thor ultimately beat The Destroyer, regaining his hammer and his full power in the process. Jane could see what he really was for the first time, but with the return of Thor's power came the return of his responsibility to his realm and his people. Thor insisted that S.H.I.E.L.D. return Jane's property to her, and the organization agreed, also offering her a job.

After Thor left to return to Asgard, Jane returned to her research into the Einstein-Rosen Bridge, searching for a way to be reunited with him. Unable to open a wormhole, Jane attempted to move on with her life. However, when the Convergence began to take place - a rare event in which all of the nine realms came into close alignment - Jane was accidentally exposed to the long-lost Aether, prompting Thor to return to Earth to visit her and take her to Asgard for closer examination. After Thor's mother Frigga sacrificed herself to save Jane from Malekith during the Dark Elves' invasion of Asgard, Thor, Lady Sif and The Warriors Three were forced to break Thor's half-brother Loki out of prison. Their hope was that he could use one of his paths out of Asgard to take Jane and Thor to the realm of the Dark Elves in an attempt to destroy the Aether after Malekith extracted it from Jane but before Malekith could absorb it himself.

This plan ultimately failed, seemingly resulting in Loki's death as he attempted to protect Jane. Thor and Jane were able to return to Earth in time to stop Malekith. Jane and Erik managed to extract the Aether from Malekith. Having delivered the Aether to Asgard, Thor returned to Earth, concluding that he was ill-suited to be king as he lacked the temperament to make the necessary hard decisions. He returned to Jane on Earth not as a King of Asgard but as a Soldier of Midgard.


facts • Is a quiet, observant person with an awkward, sarcastic and often self-deprecating sense of humor. She will go out of her way to make herself the butt of a joke to break the tension in a conversation more often than not. Being an observant person, she is straight forward in her assesments and is often described as "no nonsense" and abrasive.

• Stands at 5'3" and weighs 115 lbs. Her fitness regimen consists of yoga, hiking and biking every Sunday morning. She is often dwarfed by those around her, especially Luke. She has a rectangle body shape with slim shoulders and hips and small, natural breasts. She keeps her hair in long layers that fall just below her shoulders and rarely colors it. Her eyes are classified as partial heterochromia (gold into blue/green).

• Has a small 3 inch scar inside her left wrist as a result of airbag burn during a minor automobile accident her senior year of high school. She does not have a tattoo. Her ears are pierced.

• Born on September 1st, making her a Virgo. The positive strengths of a Virgo include a tendency to be analytical, observant, helpful, reliable and precise. However, the negative tendencies are often skepticism, inflexibility and a coldness of character. Like a classic Virgo, Jane is a very independent person. She is fully able to put her intelligence to use and get things done for herself. However, her narrow mindedness sometimes causes her creativity to suffer and she often feels she leads a regular routine life. She tends to dwell too much on the past and over complicates things.