full name caroline marie fenley comicverse carol ferris / star sapphire birthdate ◦ age 12/12/1985 ◦ 30 hometown savannah, ga current residence boston, ma occupation mergers & acquistions; FSX corp personality SagittariusINFPSanguine relationship status flirting with disaster
Karl and Marie Fenley were delighted by the propsect of a baby girl. Having previously been blessed by the birth of their son Karl, Jr., when Marie announced some six years later that she was pregnant again, the family was all too eager to welcome a little princess into the tight-knit clan. And a princess she most certainly was, if not in title than by upbringing alone. Doted upon and adored, little Caroline Marie was the apple of her father's eye from the start. Born on December 12th in Savannah, Georgia, the Mexican-American princess was second in line to inherit the Fenley Seaboard Crossing Corportation fortune, an American holding company focused on real estate and railways in North America, among other industries.

The company, formed in 1980 by a merger overseen by the elder Fenley himself, was an amalgamation of the Chessie System and Seaboard Coast Line Industries and would eventually merge the various railroads owned by those predecessors into a single line that became known as Fenley Seaboard Crossing Transportation; or, FSX. FSX Corporation boasted a number of subsidiaries beyond FSX Transportation including Fruit Growers Express, FSX Technology, FSX de Mexico, and FSX Real Property. The merger was ambitious even by the business standards of the time but if there was any man for the job, it was no doubt Karl Fenley, Sr. And with Karl, Sr. ("Big Karl" in and outside of the board room) at it's helm and, once he'd come of age, Karl, Jr. (or "Alby" as both family and colleagues knew him) acting as it's Chief Financial Officer, the FSX Corportation proved itself a multi-conglomerate empire with staying power. "Big Karl" saw to it that both his children, two bright and ambitious business-minded creatures, were conditioned early on to usher in a new era of success for the family business; to quickly adapt to and ultimately master with iron-will the ever evolving transportation industry. His were big shoes to fill but both children proved from an early age to share their father's knack for negotiation and compromise, while Caroline also inherited her mother's unique flavor for coercion and flattery.

Graduating valedictorian from St. Vincent's Academy in 2005, Caroline moved north of the Tennessee River to Nashville to pursue her collegiate education at Vanderbilt University. She graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Masters in Engineering and Field Sciences in 2011. No one was prouder than "Big Karl" and Caroline was rewarded for her hardwork and dedication with an all-expenses-paid six month European holiday. Always envigorated by travel and exploration, Caroline was right at home

comicverse biography
Carol Ferris is the boss and on-off love interest of Hal Jordan. Her family owns the Ferris Aircraft company, she acts as an executive, and occasionally as a pilot. She is also Star Sapphire, a once villainous role occupying another part of her personality entirely. In the Star Sapphire Corps, where she fights for love across the universe, she has taken on a more heroic role. Carl Ferris, owner of the Ferris Aircraft Company, decided to retire early and travel the world, leaving his daughter Carol president of the company. Carol hired Hal Jordan and quickly found herself attracted to the fearless test pilot, but would not date him because he was her employee.

Carol Ferris fell in love with the hero Green Lantern, unaware that he was her test pilot Hal Jordan. Coincidentally, Ferris was selected to become the queen of an immortal race of extraterrestrial women warriors known as Zamarons, but did not desire to leave Earth because of her love for Green Lantern. Desperate for their queen, the Zamarons hypnotized Ferris into thinking Green Lantern was her enemy. When she was defeated by the emerald gladiator, the Zamarons deemed Ferris unworthy of leadership and removed her memory of being Star Sapphire, although they left behind both the gem and a subconscious knowledge of her powers. Over the years, Star Sapphire and Green Lantern would duel again and again, but each time Jordan would defeat Ferris and revert her to normal.

facts Chilean and Mexican on her mother's side, Scottish on her father's. A true "M.A.P.", she celebrated both quinceañera and cotillion at 15. Speaks Spanish fluently, and basic French and Standard Chinese.

Lives for her family and is especially loyal to her father. While she and her mother enjoy a loving relationship, Caroline sees Cat's very Hispanic views on marriage and parenting as antiquated.

While she was raised in a Roman Catholic home, Caroline is not a practicing member of the faith. She attends the random religious ceremony if her father asks.